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Artisan Cheeses Made Naturally

At My Artisano, our goal is to share our love for artisan cheeses. So, we became the first Urban Creamery in Cincinnati, since January 2013.  Our cheeses are naturally made and inspired on fresh, soft ripen and semi-hard European style cheeses.

Our unique cheese’s character comes from:

  • Our love and dedication in making each single batch of cheese
  • The quality of the milk from grass-fed happy cows and goats
  • Natural cultures that provide a healthy unique taste
  • The names of our cheeses honor our community and origins

My Artisano Cheeses Facts

We believe that the start for a healthy body and mind comes from eating natural, healthy foods, and recognize that our decisions affect our community and the environment.

      • Artisan. Our handcrafted cheeses are made following natural cheese making practices, which allows each cheese to develop a unique flavor and character.
      • Healthy. All our cheeses include probiotic cultures, providing an additional health benefit to those who eat them. The milk used is antibiotic and hormone free.
        • The cows’ milk comes from Jersey cows with the A2/A2 gene.
        • The goats’ milk comes from Nigerian Dwarf goats, creamier and sweet.
      • Local and Sustainable. We source the milk from local family owned dairy farms with happy and healthy grass-fed cows and goats.
      • Vegetarian. We use vegetarian friendly microbial rennet.