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The most common and popular cheeses are made from cow’s milk from Brie to Mozzarella to the ubiquitous Cheddar.

Cows typically eat ground cover grasses and sometimes take up soil with the grass, which can lead to their cheese having an earthier flavor. Of course, that earthy flavor will vary depending on the nature of the soil. Cows also digest differently than goats and sheep. The fat molecules in cow’s milk are larger. Cow’s milk and goat’s milk both have about the same levels of protein and fat, but because of the difference in the structure of the fat, cow’s milk cheese feels heavier in the mouth than goat cheese.Cow’s milk is versatile and can be made into a lot of different cheeses.

My Artisano sources the cow’s milk from Swallow Hill Dairy in Jamestown OH (50 minutes from our facility). The Jersey cows are happy and grass fed, which provides an excellent quality and taste to the milk for cheese making.
All of our cheeses are made in natural process, with probiotic cultures. We also believe in natural rinds formed by edible molds and bacteria.