GOAT MILK CHEESE 2018-06-02T11:41:39-04:00

Goat cheese doesn’t taste or feel like cow cheese, and to find out why, we have to go into the precise chemical makeup of these milks.  Goat’s milk has a much higher concentration of particular fatty acids, but less milk protein, than cow’s milk. The higher concentration of fatty acids gives goat cheese its signature tangy flavor, and the lower amount of milk protein gives it a smoother, creamier texture. Its tanginess and creaminess makes it ideal for very soft cheeses, like chevre, or even yogurts.

My Artisano sources our goat’s milk from D&L Meadows in Williamsburg OH (50 minutes from our facility). The Nigerian Dwarf goats are happy and grass fed, their milk is sweet, nutty and not at all goaty like other goat breeds. Nigerian Dwarf goats milk quality is excellent for cheese making.

All our cheeses are made in natural process, with probiotic cultures. We also believe in natural rinds formed by edible molds and bacteria.